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Make It Work is back!

Hi everyone,

It's Juliette and Iseult from Make It Work. We have great news: after pausing the project for a bit less than 2 years, we are back! We kept an eye on everything Future of Work related, reading articles, keeping track of companies we found interesting thinking that one day we might pop in for a visit.

But we missed all the interactions with pioneers and those who care about the way we work. We missed discovering, meeting new people, and having mindblowing conversations. We HAD to come back and be part of the conversation again. We realized we wanted to keep on discovering organizations that think radically differently about the way we work.

What have we been up to? Our professional lives

In September 2020, after returning from our Future of Work Europe Tour in unique countries, we both embarked on our last year of studies, our business school specialization masters. We both did the Entrepreneurship specialization. Juliette: After Make It Work, I wanted to live abroad and work in a transparent and autonomous environment. I found a position at Zalando in Berlin, a city I adored when we visited in the summer of 2020. Now, I am on to a new challenge, stay tuned! Iseult: During my last year of studies, I decided to start a social business. I worked on it for a a year (it was an affordable single-parent coliving company) and we decided to end it to do other things. Over the last months, whenever I spotted a company that seemed a bit alternative in its ways of working, I couldn't resist and I had to write it down in case we would be visiting them one day!

So what's next?

  • We will continue interviewing pioneer companies during full-day immersions

  • We will deep dive into a topic (more about that in the newsletter)

  • We will keep on meeting people, just to talk and explore interesting topics

See you soon!

Juliette and Iseult

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