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Meet the pioneers: WEMIND #2 "The Natural Way Of Working"

Company ID

Name: Wemind

Country: France

Size: around 12

Industry: Insurance

Since: 2015

Value Proposition: startup that proposes health insurance coverage and other employee benefits to self-employed workers and freelancers.


In this second video, we interviewed the team:

🤔 WHY they decided to join Wemind?

💜 Being your real self at work is definitely not a myth there.

🤯 They recruit without looking at the resume. How on earth does that work?

💥 Their inspiring vision of the company of the future.

Thank you so much Camille, Julien, Fanny, Estelle, Mikael, Hind, Matthieu and Philippe! 💜


👇🏼 Look at her interview by clicking on the picture below:

Watch on Linkedin (in French) 🇫🇷

and Instagram. & Youtube (English)

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