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Meet the pioneers: WEMIND #2 "The Natural Way Of Working"

Company ID

Name: Wemind

Country: France

Size: around 12

Industry: Insurance

Since: 2015

Value Proposition: startup that proposes health insurance coverage and other employee benefits to self-employed workers and freelancers.

In this second video, we interviewed the team:

🤔 WHY they decided to join Wemind?

đź’ś Being your real self at work is definitely not a myth there.

🤯 They recruit without looking at the resume. How on earth does that work?

đź’Ą Their inspiring vision of the company of the future.

Thank you so much Camille, Julien, Fanny, Estelle, Mikael, Hind, Matthieu and Philippe! đź’ś

👇🏼 Look at her interview by clicking on the picture below:

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