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Meet the pioneers: SHINE "Free your potential"

Dernière mise à jour : 10 août 2020

Company ID

Name: Shine

Country: France

Size: around 60

Industry: Banking

Since: 2017

Value Proposition: B-corp neobank for freelancers & self-employed workers that enables them to have a hassle-free professional account.


We loved Nicolas' and Mathilde's take on what it means to be a responsible company working in the best conditions possible.

Watch to see what it means to:

🏠 Have unlimited remote work.

🥁 Have one day per month of freelancing.

👶 How they tackled gender inequality at work with paternity/maternity leave.

💙 They also share their take on what the company of the future should look like.


👇🏼 Look at their interview by clicking on the picture below:

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